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Year: 2015
Genre: Racing
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment/Dominator
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Platform: PC
Version: 0.8.6
Publication type: informal
Interface language: Russian + English
Crack: not needed

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1
CPU: Pentium IV 1.5 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB
Video card: 64 Mb
Sound card: sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0 c
Free space on hard disk: 5.88 GB

Developers FlatOut 2 Reborn took the best from FlatOut 2 and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, adding many innovations, and reworking the game almost completely. There is no place for a quiet ride, crush their opponents to smithereens! Fly at the abandoned water channels, scenic fields race tracks, the desert and many other interesting slopes, leaving rivals far behind. In this game you can arrange this lawlessness on the road! Your main goal is to survive and arrive first, showing who's head! If you little conventional races, a Derby, which starts the real battle for survival! Destroy all opponents and stay alive, even if your car has lost a wheel! For the most reckless driving, there are stunt mode, in which you can play your driver for example, darts, and bowling! After training in a single game, there is an opportunity to prove its superiority in online battles with up to 8 players.

A short list of changes compared with the FlatOut 2:

-A dedicated master server for games on the network;
-Game update system;
-Music Manager, which allows you to add your own songs in .ogg format;
-Possibility to change the language, without downloading additional hands.
-4 new car Bonecracker, Grinder, Stryder, Fastline. The list will be updated with the updates.
-Almost complete change in graphics, thanks to new technologies that have in-game means.
-New effects of smoke, dirt, Nitro, sparks, explosions, broken glasses, glare, lighting.
-High quality textures.
-Advanced multiplayer mode with new game modes-Derby survival Race, with Hunter-victim.
-Very flexible configuration of a single game before the race.
-Changing time of day on the slopes.
-New camera effects.
-Fixed most of the problems with compatibility.
-New sound effects.
-Completely new soundtrack.
-Separation Function of the player to the server without a temporary ban.
-Sound notification when entering a second player in the game lobby.
Deleted auto now continue to burn.
-7 skins for each car, instead of 5.
-Maximum length of a standard nickname increased up to 17 characters.
-Change the maximum number of players on the server, without having to re-create the room.
-Easy access to settings directly from online games.
Show active servers directly in launcere.
-Changed the menu, new background video.
-Addition of localization of the game.
-Code optimization of game scripts, to increase performance.
-Increased range, draw game objects.
Changes in versions:

-Server Fixes and Launcher.
-Fixed The Viper GTS.
-Roamer SnowPlow made faster.
-Fixed sound Lentus GT.
-Fixed crashes when configuring a single game. (However, Most Wanted settings still does not work correctly)
-Added missing car skins.
-Fixed one of the reasons the infinite Launcher download.
-During the wait before the game (or after the exit), right at the top of the Launcher displays the status percentage.
-Option to enable the auto-chat by clicking on the button "Play".
-Added button "repair" of the game, which will get rid of the error.
-Added initial version of the "Most Wanted" (only Derby).
-Code optimization and effects to improve FPS.
-Fixes numerous departures from the game.
-Revamped the selection of slopes and the principle choice auto online.
-Updated launcher and localization of the game.
-Fixes in the competition mode.
-Fixes the tuning sets all autos.
-Added a new type of slopes-MW (Most Wanted)
-Added mini-maps for three new tracks.
-Fixed weight of certain objects on the tracks.
-Improved gamma and brightness on highways, almost everywhere.
-Timer in Derby is now 3 minutes.
-Bug fixes and improvements, which we have forgotten
-Sound when entering a second player in the lobby.
-To change the boot screen of the game.
-Easily create games online.
-Fixed crashes when configuring events.
-Separation Function of the player to the server without a temporary ban.
-Improved auto Fastline, Stryder.
-Installation of standard machines for bots, with minor adjustments.
-Returned mode "Tricks".
-Multiplayer mode was added track "Garage Test Track."
-Minor fixes in the choice of trails online mode.
-Fixed Runtime Error in offline mode.

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