Farlight Explorers Update 24

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Name Farlight Explorers Update 24
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Added 2016-07-15 23:26:30
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Finally the Autosave is active and working well. The game will save the game each 5 minutes.

Day/Night Cycle

I improved the transition between night and day, the transition now is not harder than before. I also added a Big spotlight that will light a big area, so working during the night will be easier than before.


I'm thinking to add a bed to the game, the idea is that the player uses the bed and avoids the night. Meanwhile the player uses the bed all the machines will be stop. I will wait until the feedback of the community about this idea.

There are more things new, I will list below.

List of new content:

Modified Pitch of some SFXs, Laser Loop SFX, Alarms Loop SFX.
Fixed problem with the Escape key button and the inventory.
Fixed problem with the "I" key button and the inventory.
Improved time of opening inventory.
Improved Day/Night Cycle Transition.
Added Autosave.
Added Big SpotLight.
Added button inside inventory to get all from chests and machines.
Now Crafted items will go to the Quick Inventory first.
Now Deleted items will go to the Quick Inventory first.
Added Shift-click feature to move objects quickly between inventory and machines/chests.
Added new window with info of resources gathered by the player during mining.
Added Info when you can't delete an object because your inventory is full.
Added 3d model of the Food Crate.
Fixed issue in the Ore Extractor when the player puts an object in the output slot and the Extractor change the object.